Ajapa Japa – Tantra Meditation Technique

Ajapa Japa is a Tantra Meditation Technique for opening the Chakras, activating the energies and bringing the mind to a state of silence. You work with Ujjayi, Khechari, Soham Mantra and circulation of Awareness. This variation of Ajapa Japa was developed by by Paramahamsa Satyananda. Nalini, one of his direct disciples, guides you through different steps of this meditation technique. Nalini teaches Tantra Meditation Seminars and Training courses regularly in Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany https://www.yoga-vidya.de/english.html


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  1. Dear Sirs,

    In reference to above text on ajapa japa I would like to inform You, that the only in the world now teacher of the original Ajapa Yoga method, as it was established by ancient Rishis, is brahmagjani Guru Prasad Paramahansa from India, who visits some European countries this year and delivers cycle of lectures on Ajapa Yoga.
    Details You can find on site: http://ajapayoga.pl/wyklady/12-wyklady/1078-lectures


    Mirosław Starzyński
    Ajapa Yoga Association in Poland

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