[Sanskrit, Mantras] Re: Was bedeutet der Name Acyuta?

Die richtige Schreibweise ist Acyuta

[अछ्युत achyuta (übliche Schreibweise!) gibt es im Sanskrit nicht]

Böhtlingk Sanskrit-Wörterbuch

अच्युत acyuta [a-cyuta, Wurzel cyu]
1) Adj.
a) nicht umfallend, feststehend, unerschütterlich (eig. und übertr.).
b) beständig, unvergänglich.

Schmidt Nachträge

1. c) vom rechten Wege nicht abgewichen

Huet Sanskrit Heritage Dictionary

अच्युत acyuta [a-cyuta] a. m. n. f. acyutā ferme, inébranlable; constant, impérissable; qui ne peut déchoir | myth. np. d’Acyuta «l’Impérissable», épith. de Kṛṣṇa-Viṣṇu comme principe suprême | math. infini.

√ च्यु cyu v. [1] pr. r. (cyavate) pp. (cyuta) chanceler, tomber, déchoir; s’éloigner, disparaître, échouer.

च्युत cyuta [pp. cyu] a. m. n. f. cyutā tombé, déchu; expulsé; privé de | se dit d’un fruit qui tombe de l’arbre à maturité.


PS sanfte Korrektur

acyuta aṣṭakam = achteiliges Acyuta

[acyyuta ṣaṣṭhakam = sechsteiliges Acyuta – gibt es nicht]

Aus Indien

Ādi Śaṅkarācārya – Acyuta aṣṭakam [अच्युत अष्टकम्]

http://ping.fm/42iC7 – alle acht Strophen




1) I worship Acyuta, the infallible one, Who is Rāmacandra, Keśava, Rāma, Nārāyaṇa, Kṛṣṇa, Dāmodara, Vāsudeva, Hari, Śrīdhara, Mādhava, Who is dear to Gopikā, and Who is the consort of Jānakī.

2) I offer my obeisances to Lord Keśava, Who is infallible (Acyuta), Who is the consort of Satyabhāmā, Mādhava, Śrīdhara, Who is longed-for by Rādhikā, Who is the temple of Lakṣmī (Indirā), Who is beautiful by thought, Who is dear to Devakī, and Who is dear to all.

3) Salutations for Viṣṇu, Who conquers everyone, Who holds a conch-shell and a discus, Who is dear to Rukmiṇī, Who is the consort of Jānakī, Who is dear to gopi girls, Who is offered [in sacrifices], the Supersoul Who destroyed Kaṁsa, and Who plays the flute.

4) O Kṛṣṇa! O Govinda! O Rāma! O Nārāyaṇa, Who is the consort of Lakṣmī! O Vāsudeva, Who attained the treasure of Lakṣmī! O Acyuta, Who is immeasurable! O Mādhava, O Adhokṣaja, Who is the leader of Dvārakā, and Who is the protector of Draupadī!

5) May Rāghava — Who disturbed the atheistic practices of the demons, Who adorned Sītā, Who is Danḍaka-forest purification cause, Who is accompanied by Lakṣmaṇa, Who was served by monkeys, and Who is revered by Sage Agastya — O Lord, please protect me.

6) May Baby Gopāla (Kṛṣṇa) — Who was unfavorable to Dhenukāsura and Ariṣṭāsura, Who destroyed Keśī, Who killed Kaṁsa, Who plays the flute, and Who got angry on Pūtanā — always protect me.

7) I sing praise of Acyuta, Who is adorned by a lightening like shining yellow robe, Whose body is resplendent like a cloud of the rainy-season, Who is adorned by a wild-flower garland at His chest, Whose twin-feet are of copper-red color, and Who has lotus-like eyes.

8) I sing praise of that Śyāma, Whose face is adorned by falling locks of curly tresses, Who has jewels at forehead, Who has shining ear-rings on the cheeks, Who is adorned with a Keyūra (flower) garland, Who has a resplendent bracelet, and Who has a melodious anklet. http://bit.ly/3xaV9o

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